Spray Fluxer

Spray Fluxer VIS-350

This fluxer employs a new spraying method to make it possible to spray flux only toward the underside of PCB from a quite near position without spoiling the upper side of PCB by flux mists and the drifting water mists n i side the spray zone are vacuumed into the exhaust duct from a near position just below PCB. Due to adoption of this new spraying method, it realizes to create a clean-spraying environment to meet our catch phrase as "the less the contamination makes the better efficiency for flux coating".




50W x 100L - 350W x 400L mm

MAX 180mm

MAX 8mm


Component height

Lead wire length

180pcs (conveyor speed: 1200mm/min. PCB length: 350mm swing pitch: 400mm)


Double fluid, Swing method



Coating Method

Flux Capacity

Cleaning agent capacity

Built-in simple dust collector

Exhanust Method

0.4~0.5Mpa/cm2, 0.1Nm3/min

3 200V 50/60Hz 1.3Kw

1180L x 1350W x 1250H mm

Air supply

Power supply

Outer dimensions

Applicable PCB

300 Kg

Net Weight


  1. BulletThanks to adoption of the typical spray-coating control, it realizes uniform flux-coating without unevenness, though even any kind of fluxes as the conventional fluxes or V.O.C-fr eed water-base fluxes has to be used for this machine.

  2. BulletDue to adoption of the fluxing structure that can discharge flux to PCB in a quite short distance, the coating efficiency is more improved than the conventional type, thereby enabling to reduce a using amount of flux dramatically.

  3. BulletAn innovated single type spray nozzle having special twin discharge holes for flux functioned at an ultra-lo w pressure and the servomotor make to depict an ideal spray pattern on PCB in uniform coating thickens (+/- 0.5% or less).

  4. BulletThe above spray nozzle plays roles in: -1> spraying every kind of fluxes formulated in a wide range between ultra-lo w viscosity and high viscosity and -2> forming to depict a small cone-shaped pattern by discharge of flux in a quite short distance between the nozzle and PCB, making it possible to dramatically reduce mist dispersal out of PCB and rebound of flux particles against PCB. 

  5. BulletDue to adoption of a new structure to control supplying flux from the sub tank, it is easy to replace the flux without stopping the machine.

  6. BulletIt is possible to accurately set the spray area (X. Y dimension) on the liquid crystal display monitor.

  7. BulletThe error monitor outputs messages to alarm the air pressure drop, lack of the agent, replacing time of the filter and trouble of the spray-coating amount, etc. so that the in -line management and production control are optimized.

  8. BulletTo respond needs from customers we can prepare optional modules: -1> to filtrate odor generated from flux using a deodorizing filter and -2> to upgrade the pre-heat capacity by a backup mechanism ... to make them install to this fluxer machine. 

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