Soldering Material

No-clean Solder Paste

Specially developed high temperature resistant no clean flux systems ensure as high soldering quality as conventional lead containing solder pastes, realizing excellent fine pitch and micro components printing and powerful solderability in air reflow processes. 

A range of lead free alloys, such as SnAg, SnAgCu, SnAg, SnAgCuSb, SnZnBi, are available.

No-clean Wave Soldering Flux

Koki have developed a series of wave solder fluxes for lead free applications with soldering performance equivalent to that of conventional soldering systems using lead.

Specially selected activator systems ensure excellent soldering quality even in air, ensuring good wetting and through-hole filling in combination with SnAgCu, SnABiCu and SnCu based solders.

No-clean Flux Cored Wire Solder

Newly developed flux systems that combine both a high softening point and heat resistant activators, successfully achieves excellent solderability with minimal flux spattering. 

SnAgCu and SnCu products are available in a range of two diameters.

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