Ultima-STR2 Selective Soldering System

Selective soldering system easy on the components. The best solution for problems such as unstable soldering quality in manual operation and heat capacity shortage.

Ensures high-quality soldering without conventional problems.

A variety of applications such as high-mix low-volume manufacturing and test production are available by low-price small-scale production system, resulting in saving of running cost.

Benchtop model allowing secure solder joints on the leads & patterns and optimal dipping per component via selective dipping method.






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50 mm (W) x 50 mm (L)

PCB Size (MIN)


250 mm (W) x 330 mm (L)

PCB Size (MAX)

Up to 400 mm (L) available

0.8 ~ 2.0 mm

PCB Thickness


Top side: 50 mm or less

Bottom side: 25 mm or less

Component Height


200 steps, 50 files

Program Step

100 steps, 100 files

Inner dia. : 2.5 ~ 20.0 mm

Nozzle Diameter

Custom-ordered Nozzles

Approx. 16 kg (SG: 7.3)

Solder Capacity


0.5 MPa 25 L/min

N2 Supply


Single-phase 200V +/- 10% 4KVA (20A for startup)

Power Source


620 mm (L) x 760 mm (W) x 440 mm (H)

Outer Dimension


Approx. 97 kg (including solder)

Net Weight