KDS-201 Solder Dross Separator

Scooped solder-oxide dross removed from a solder bath during cleaning can be heated and melted in order to separate it into pure solder and oxide dross.  It is possible to recover solder in serviceable condition for recycling using this solder dross separator. A great quantity of solder oxide dross, which has so far been disposed of as industrial waste, can be recovered in serviceable condition at a high recovery rate of 50~70%.  The associated waste reduction enables running costs to be reduced significantly.






Single-phase, 100V, 920W

Tank Capacity

Outer Dimensions



Net Weight


  1. BulletThe quality of recovered solder after dross separation is equal to that of the original solder in the solder bath, so recovered solder can be used without processing.

  2. BulletA large amount of solder dross (solder oxide) that previously had to be disposed of by an industrial waste-disposal company can be separated into solder and oxide (dross) for recycling, thereby saving the expense required for disposal.

  3. BulletRecoverability of solder after dross (solder oxide) separation is highly efficient, with a rate of 50~70% adoption of this recycling method therefore reduces running costs.

  4. BulletInstead of a conventional complicated system that depends on N2 gas or chemicals for eliminating oxide, this separator uses a simple mechanism suitable for a single-phase power source.  The separator is therefore inexpensive and the user's initial investment is recovered within a few months.

  5. BulletIf you used Ph-free solder, which generally produces approx. one and a half times as much as dross in a sherbet state as compared to conventional solder, recycling through separation and reuse will result in a drastic cost reduction.

  6. BulletBecause of its safety features such as shock-proof structure and heated thermocontrol function and compactness and light weight, this solder dross separator is easy to transport and relocate, making it a user-friendly device.


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